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Supa Dupa Vol.2


Released mars 2021
Added on vendredi 16 avril 2021
Genre Reggae
Number of discs 2
Edition date mars 2021
Country France
Label Deewaï


Tracklist :

01 - Fi Real (Riddim by Ludwig Van Dub)
02 - Hardtime feat. Dj CLB (Riddim by Puppa Dready / scratchs by Dj CLB)
03 - Interconnectés (RubaDub Cut) (Riddim by King Toppa / Irie Ites Germany)
04 - Plus Les Images Sont Dures feat. Rubben (Riddim by TG Mad Records)
05 - Sound System (K-Real Rock Riddim by Stevens Kbosh & Betabass Production)
06 - Deejay Daddy (Lionize Riddim by Primator Dub & Bakoua Sound)
07 - Have A Good Time (Riddim by King Toppa / Irie Ites Germany)
08 - Autolude (Riddim by King Toppa / Irie Ites Germany)
09 - Give Thanks (Riddim by FXXL Music)
10 - Hardtime (Mac Ben Remix / scratcht by Dj CLB)
11 - Sound System (Stevens Kbosh K-Real Rock Jungle Refix)
12 - Have A Good Time (Guan Jay Soul Square Remix)





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