Rasta Colibri

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Studio Reggae Bash



Released mars 2017
Format CD
Country France
Label Baco Records


Tracklist :

01 - I Need A Forest Fire Ft Bastien Picot
02 - La Nuit Je Mens Ft Max Livio
03 - The Worst Ft Annaelle
04 - Venus As A Boy Ft Laurène
05 - Easy Ft The Jouby's
06 - It's not Unusual Ft Guive
07 - Habits Ft Flox
08 - You Know You Like It Ft Noraa
09 - Love is a Losing Game Ft Dre Gipson
10 - RMI Ft Volodia
11 - Clint Eastwood Ft Oliver Smith
12 - For What It's Worth Ft Peter Harper
13 - Né Quelque Part Ft Jon Jon



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