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In Step with Them


Released novembre 2016
Format CD
Added on mardi 3 janvier 2017
Genre Reggae
Number of discs 1
Edition date novembre 2016
Country France
Label Autoproduction


Tracklist :

1. Right Now (feat. Green Cross)
2. Wibad (feat. Sara Lugo)
3. Maintain (feat. Silqe)
4. Advienne que pourra (feat. Max Livio)
5. Yesterday Was Yesterday (feat. Célia Kameni)
6. Superhero (feat. Joss Bari)
7. Cross My Way (feat. LMK)
8. I'll Be by Your Side (feat. Mystic Loïc)
9. Take Control (feat. Kamana, Bamboul)
10. Show Me a Place (feat. Cindy Pooch, Notabene)
11. Game Changer (feat. G-Style)
12. Lucky Day (feat. Jordi Tisserand, Clyde)
13. In Step with Them (Bonus Track)